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HR Future Lite November 2014 Cover
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According to reports recently released from multiple meteorological agencies*, 2014 could be regarded as the hottest year in recorded history – largely as a result of rising CO² emissions from human activity. Experts have warned that the rising temperatures will mean that South Africa will have to brace itself for a




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HR service delivery made easy - SA's National HR Standards Case Study

A case study of the HR function at Bidvest TMS (TMSG). By Leon SteynThe value proposition of a service or commodity provider is something which can take the executive committee (Exco) of a particular enterprise quite some time to reduce ...

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Firm foundation laid for HR practice

HR professionals are working together to see the national HR Standard firmly established. By Dr Linda Chipunza The first version of the much heralded HR Management Standards (HRMS) was presented to the HR community at the National HR Standards Roll Out ...

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HR Standards highlights package

A summary of the importance, benefits and key features of each of the first formal HR Standards for South Africa provided by the facilitators at the HR Standards Development Summit in May 2013. Standard 1 Strategic HRM Facilitator: Elizabeth Kumalo Importance South African ...

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National HR Standards are rolled out

First HR Standards move from definitions to definitive outcomes. By Marius Meyer You may by now be aware that, on 21 May this year, 120 senior South African HR leaders became the first HR group in the world to generate draft ...

Overview of the HR Standards definitions

HR STANDARD ELEMENT DEFINITION Strategic HR Management A systematic approach to developing and implementing long-term HRM strategies, policies and plans that enable the organisation to achieve its objectives. Talent Management The proactive design and implementation of a talent-driven business strategy...

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South Africa: HR gets national Standards

Why should HR have Standards and what are they?By Kate Dikgale-Freeman On 21 May 2013, over 100 HR Directors convened under the leadership of SABPP and HR Future to develop the first set of draft HR Standards for South Africa. The ...

HR chiefs write national HR Standards

Historic event sees first formal HR Standards for South Africa defined. By Marius Meyer On 21 May, a hundred and twenty HR Directors and representatives from eight HR professional bodies and associations gathered in Johannesburg to write the first formal HR Standards ...

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Help us create HR standards and metrics

A national project launched to create HR standards and metrics provides an opportunity for you to play a significant role in HR in South Africa. By Marius Meyer Building on the development of the National HR Competency Model in 2012, the HR ...

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How to move HR from the backroom to the boardroom

Ten competencies in the National HR Competency Model will elevate HR to the level at which it is required to operate. By Marius Meyer PART THREE In Part One of this series of articles you were introduced to the new South ...


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#BadValuesGoViral: The Ethical Dilemma in Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming a popular communication trend in business. Unfortunately, the trend sometimes comes with unforeseen ethical problems for the business. One bad tweet could end up hurting your sales, your image and your ...

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Exec search trends show no “tanking” economy

As blanket reports of an impending recession strike fear into the hearts of South Africans, many still bruised from the global recession four years ago, a glimmer of hope is emerging from an unlikely source – the executive search sector. Trends ...

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Human resources: The impact of social, mobile and predictive analytics

A recent LRMG conference highlighted emerging trends in human resources: The use of social and mobile learning, the need for improved user experiences and the use of predictive analytics. As a leading local performance agency, LRMG used the conference to showcase ...

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Economic growth needed to drive youth employment

The youth wage subsidy is a positive initiative in the battle to reduce youth unemployment, but it’s a band-aid solution. In the longer term, we need to focus on growing the economy to generate jobs and on education to ensure ...

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Flexible working means a greener business

Streamlining and efficiency are always considered good business practices, but before the global economic downturn it could well be argued that efficiency was not as widely regarded as immediately essential. Now, as companies continue to face tougher business conditions, there ...

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Creating a Compelling Mobile User Experience

With millions of apps available today and growing at a rapid pace, consumers are spoilt with choice and have little patience for apps that don’t deliver. In a market where quality and performance always come before brand loyalty, the competitor’s ...

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Employee wellness a key differentiator for employees

Employee wellness isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for companies looking to attract and retain top talent. Companies that want their employees to really invest themselves in their work should also show that they in turn are willing to invest ...

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New online resource helps graduates land – and keep – their first jobs

A free new online resource is set to change the landscape for post-qualification jobseekers. The World of Work, created by The Independent Institute of Education, has been designed specifically to help South Africa’s graduates bridge the gap between studies and ...

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Can free advertising boost your business? Tips for Small Businesses on a budget

Every small business owner knows that cash flow can be a challenge – especially when you are just starting out. In a world of increasingly sparse attention and vast amounts of advertising assailing your customers’ senses, how do you make ...


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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Deloitte Predicts Africa’s Gross Domestic Product will Expand by 50% to $3.7 tri

Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) will grow by 50% to $3.7 trillion over the next five years as the continent’s rapidly expanding middle class helps drive faster rates of urbanization ...

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

JCSE ICT skills survey places the spotlight on South Africa and its critical ski

2014 JCSE ICT Skills Survey Highlights the Bleak Future for South African ...

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Next generation logistics needed for 2020 success

Wisdom from Clem Sunter, world-renowned authority on scenario planning, was in no short supply at the recent VSc Solutions conference held in ...

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Counterfeit credentials are killing our country

The fish rots from the head, declares that ancient Chinese proverb. If it’s true that the buck starts and ends in the boardroom, it’s little wonder that more shameful revelations ...

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Temporary employment contributed over R265m to SA GDP in 2013

Research shows TES sector biggest contributor to employment especially of ...

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

ERP doesn’t fail projects, projects fail ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects have a bad reputation. Like wayward children, they can be difficult to control and expensive to bring to full ...

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More South Africans are exposed to online fraud

Education about the different types of online fraud is key to avoid becoming a ...

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The difference 1% can make on an investor's living annuity investment

Every 1% per year in extra returns or fee savings can sustain your retirement income level up to 12[2] years longer. Every 1% matters when investing in a living ...

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Department of Home Affairs sheds light on the nature of intra-company transf

If a foreign national wants to work in South Africa, they must be in possession of a valid work visa issued in terms of the Immigration Act, No13 of 2002 ...