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In the movie Big Hero 6, the inflatable Baymax robot is a healthcare companion who can diagnose and suggest treatment based on the 10,000 medical procedures he has...
It is Psychosocial Disability Awareness Month in South Africa and the perfect time to highlight an all too often shunned and stigmatised topic: mental illness.
Social media has skyrocketed for businesses all over the world, with many companies using it as a way of strengthening their brands and reaching out to new and...
Recent reports have highlighted the disparity in remuneration between CEOs and workers. Consequently, many commentators have questioned the fairness of executive...

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Patterns from the previous global economic downturn suggest that while senior executives may instinctively focus on survival during recession, taking time out to...
Although much has been written about the business benefits of Cloud computing solutions, not much focus has been put on measuring its returns.
There has been some great developments in the workforce when it comes to female influence and we continue to see more and more women taking on all sorts of roles...


Women Leaders of the Future Summit...
Thu 17 Aug 2017
Bytes Technology Conference Centre, Midrand
Johannesburg Breakfast: Develop Leaders with Learn...
Thu 27 Jul 2017
Bryanston Country Club


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