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South African businesses must embrace a more agile and efficient approach to their people.
In a world where technology terminology seems to hit trend and hype on an almost daily basis, data governance is joining the buzz word pack. It’s not exactly a...
With the constant flood of emails, phone calls and social media alert notifications, for most of us it seems almost impossible not to multitask on the average...
Despite uncertainty and tougher trading conditions in almost every sector of the economy, corporate South Africa continues to demonstrate its commitment to corporate...

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While social media is a common method of communication, it is also for good reason, largely unregulated. The negative consequence however, is that sensitive, illegal...
The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has ruled in Binding General Ruling (BGR 41), issued on 10 February 2017, that non-executive directors (NEDs) should...
The 2016 Employment Equity (EE) Annual Report for the 2015/2016 reporting year, released on 10 May 2017, showed that 68% of the South Africa's management positions...


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Tue 27 Jun 2017
Bryanston Country Club
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Thu 08 Jun 2017
Belmont Square, Rondebosch, Cape Town
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Tue 13 Jun 2017
Bryanston Country Club


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