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      Home Daily Article Maria Ramos honoured with MANEX Award at WBS
      Daily Article

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      Maria Ramos honoured with MANEX Award at WBS

      Maria_Ramos 2FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, SOUTH AFRICA’S TOP BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS PRESTIGIOUS ANNUAL EVENT. On October 28, 2010, Wits Business School’s 27th Management Excellence Awards Ceremony to acknowledge the top business icons in South Africa occured. This awards ceremony is sponsored by Standard Bank. The winner of this years’ MANEX award was Maria Ramos, CEO of the ABSA Group.

      “Wits Business school is an institution that prides itself in sculpting global leaders in South Africa. We make sure we adhere to global rankings and subscribe to the notion that to be the best we have to surpass the expectations of the rest of the world. We develop students that can function in a multi-cultural, global society. We thrive on teaching our students to make better choices, and the community emerging from this is one that is proud. It is not the level or difficulty of challenges you experience, it is what you do with these challenges that makes a difference” says Wendy Ngoma, Head of Wits Business School.

      Ramos will add the MANEX award to her astonishing list of accolades. In 2009 Ramos was named outstanding business woman of the year in the African Business Awards granted by the Commonwealth Business Council and African Business magazine. Furthermore, Forbes has placed Ramos as the world’s ninth most influential business woman in 2010.

      “I cannot express to you what winning this award means to me. It is a great honour to accept it.  It is not just my hard work, but that of all the talented people I have worked with, that has finally paid off. A huge milestone has come from this. It is that women are being acknowledged for their contribution to business. Today, I am immensely proud to be a woman in South Africa” says Ramos.

      Ramos’s husband, the previous Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, who won this same award in 2006, was glowing with pride as his wife approached the stage. This was the first husband and wife partnership to have won the MANEX award.

      “It is an incredible honour and a well deserved grace for Maria to win this award. I had the privilege of working with her before she became my wife and I saw the potential in her then. She is extremely hardworking and deserves this award. I am extremely proud of her” says Manuel.

      “We at WBS would like to once again congratulate Maria on her sterling achievement as well as her contribution towards sculpting future global business leaders in South Africa” concludes Ngoma.
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