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Architects of greatness video


Join the movement.

HR Directors face unique challenges in the workplace. They craft and oversee the implementation of people strategies that ensure their companies survive and thrive in an increasingly disruptive world, and they ensure that good HR practice takes place at operational level throughout the organisation.

To help them achieve these business objectives, HR Future has created a movement that caters especially for the needs of this select group of HR Professionals. With its unmatched 16-year track record of understanding the challenges of the day and helping HR Directors address these challenges, HR Future has served as a trusted adviser on the “Future of Work” long before the term “Future of Work” became popular.

Architects of Greatness is a movement specifically for HR Directors who have the means to influence the people and the “people agenda” at company and community level by collaboration with their peers so that they can all benefit from one another’s knowledge and wisdom.

Architects of Greatness will collaborate to address a range of issues which align with the following three key trends:

Managing the Present
· Enhancing productivity and profitability
· Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace
· Succession Planning for an Ageing Workforce

Reinventing the Organisation
· Attracting and retaining high quality talent
· Creating agile and lean organisations
· Creating and sustaining a high performance culture

Managing the Future
· Dealing with Disruption
· Managing the Transition to a Digital Future
· HR Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and HR Tech

Seldom do opportunities come along for us to join together and embrace destiny in and through our professional lives.

And destiny doesn’t pick us – we pick ourselves.

You could choose the default “I’m too busy,” response, or you could listen to the voice that speaks to you in the quiet place in your heart where truth lives, and answer my call to something higher in your career and your life.

If the vision of this movement resonates with you, if you see your life as a gift and your career as a calling, contact Alan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a registration form so you can join your peers on a journey to success and significance.


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