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Scale up your expert decision-makers with second generation Artificial Intelligence

How would you like talent throughout your organisation to have access to the insights, judgement and savvy of your best decision-makers on a 24/7 basis?

And how about freeing up those experts from having to support your talent so that they can do what you really pay them to do?

While traditional (first generation) AI technology, as you well know, sources its content through data mining, this second generation technology, developed in South Africa over 12 years by HR Future's technology partner, Merlynn, with the involvement of PhD students at Pretoria University and at a cost of R30 million, is the first in the world (with world patents) to source its content through mining “emotional data” - the unique insights, gut instincts, judgement and decision-making savvy of your key decision makers that make them the experts they are.

This can be done by cloning, or “bottling” the "emotional data" of your experts and being able to scale up the cloned or virtual expert so that they are available across the whole organisation 24/7. This effectively slashes time required to arrive at decisions from hours to minutes and, in some cases, seconds. It also not only increases the number of decisions made but also the quality of those decisions as they are guided by what your experts would have done.

Your cloned experts do not become redundant, though. They continue to teach their “virtual selves” any new insights they acquire during the course of their own work, making their virtual experts smarter all the time. But best of all, their virtual experts set them free to do things they were previously unable to do because of constraints they faced.

If this sounds a bit futuristic, think again. The technology is being used in healthcare and law enforcement in the US (a virtual sheriff monitors parolees), in health risk management in Australia and in a growing number of major South African organisations across a variety of industry sectors. More details on SA companies using it are available on request.

There are a number of ways companies are using this AI. Just three include:

1. Enhanced performance and efficiencies – expanding high quality decision-making capacity across an organisation to manage financial risk and quality control, increase performance effectiveness and efficiency, and elevate sales and profitability;
2. Knowledge Management and Business Continuity/Sustainability – collecting and retaining the insights, knowledge and expertise of executives and other specialists so that, should they leave or retire, their organisational knowledge is retained for their successor once they have departed; and
3. Leadership Development and Succession Planning – developing the company’s next generation of leaders by giving them unlimited access to the knowledge and insights of senior people in the organisation.

After a brainstorming session at one of the major financial institutions, an executive said, “This is going to solve a R100 million problem we have.”

To learn more about how to mine and scale up the judgement and savvy of your expert decision makers,
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To arrange a demo of this world-first technology, contact Kelsey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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