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In today's competitive marketplace, what attracts top candidates to companies when recruiting? What makes you the "Employer of Choice"?
Top candidates are attracted to organised and efficient Businesses. Here are eight key elements to attracting top talent to your business:

1. Have a detailed job specification - know what you are looking for. Be Specific about what you want. List the qualifications, experience and duties/expectations you have for this role/person. This will assist you with your recruitment and interview process. This will also give you the ability to benchmark all expectations and future performance (KPI's) and performance management against the job spec.  

2. Have a market-related salary band for the position. Ensure what you are offering is market-related. If you are not sure, get a salary benchmark – find out what’s market-related for the skills and experience you require. Remember: You get what you pay for. You can’t expect the most skilled person with all qualifications if your salary is not attractive. Why would they move to you?

3. Make recruitment a priority. For each day that your business does not have this person in this role, it’s costing your business money. Make sure you are making time to follow-through with the recruitment process.

4. Have a structured recruitment process, be organised, and know what process you will follow. Interviews, Assessments, Offer? Have a structured time frame by when you need to complete the process. Have deadline dates for CV’s, Interviews, Assessments and communicate these.

5. Have structured competency based and technical interview questions, that you will ask in the interview. These will be related to the job and will allow you to assess experience and suitability to the role.

6. When interviewing candidates, take them through the process you are to follow during and after the interview. Let them know when they can expect feedback.

7. Communicate Feedback: Positive/Negative to the Candidate/HR/Recruitment Agency directly after the interview. Be open and honest, provide detailed feedback.

8. Have a smooth and structured On-Boarding Process for your new employee. This will include sending a copy of their employment contract/letter of appointment before they start and getting any documentation you require upfront. Ensure all resources that your new employee will require to do his/her job are available, on/before his/her first day such as: computer, telephones etc. Parking, Training also needs to be part of this process. Make them feel important and valued from day one.

Miss any of these steps, word travels … then not even we can persuade, potential employees to consider working for your business.

Provided by ASIE Personnel.
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