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Economists have predicted fuel prices will increase by 44c for petrol and 37c for diesel in February.
This does not bode well for motorists as it follows a fuel increase in January and increased mileage as many return to work and school.

Three tips are recommended in which to save fuel this year.

1. Anticipate conditions

Adopt a defensive driving style so you can anticipate changing traffic conditions before they happen. You should be driving 15 seconds ahead of time. Your peripheral vision will allow you to see what is directly in front of you while you focus a little ahead as well.

2. Do not speed

Drive at speeds which suit the current conditions and avoid speeding. Reducing speed by 20kph in certain instances can reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Often speed is also accompanied by fast lane changes, sudden acceleration and harsh braking. Not only does this increase fuel consumption but it also costs you more in maintenance. Increasing your speed will only make minimal difference to trip times.

3. Plan ahead

Planning ahead of each journey is one of the best ways to save fuel. It can help you avoid traffic jams, choose the most fuel efficient routes and avoid leaving too little time. Plan your journey so you do not rush. Keep your engine revs between 2500 and 3000rpm. Techniques like this can also result in a saving of up to 20% in fuel consumption.
Experts are predicting 2017 is going to be a tough year for motorists. Continued volatility in world events provides no reassurance either. Efforts to save fuel will become your armour against the rising prices.

Eugene Herbert is the MD of MasterDrive.
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