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A more diverse workforce is one we’re all seeking, but getting there is often a huge challenge. One way of adding diversity to your workforce is attracting and retaining more female talent, but how do you do this?
Here are some points for HR professionals to consider, on how to boost the percentage of wonder women in your workforce:

1. Get everyone on board

Hiring more women needs to be a policy that everyone is enthusiastic about, not just the HR department. To do this you need top management included at all stages, not simply as the people signing new female recruits off. This might require some education or training on your part, clearly laying out the benefits of more women in your workforce to senior management - because if they’re not fully on board, your diversity plans will be short lived.

2. Crunch the numbers

You can’t change things if you don’t know where you stand right now. Conduct a thorough audit of your company’s existing workforce, examining gender representation in various roles, as well as pay gaps. This is not always a comfortable exercise but it is a very worthwhile one. Set goals for specific time periods of where you’d like it to be in future and examine these analytics regularly.

3. Recruitment

If you want to recruit more female employees you may need to change the way you hire people. Think outside the box and advertise on websites that target working mothers, or in publications with a more female readership, or find a recruiter who specialises in sourcing diverse female talent.

4. Flexibility

Many women who become mothers find themselves unable to commit to a strict 9-to-5 work schedule, as they want flexibility to be able to spend time with their children. These are often highly qualified women and if you change company policies to accommodate them, your company can benefit hugely. It could be previous employees returning from maternity leave who want to renegotiate hours, or it could be part of a new employee package when you are scouting for talent. Working mothers often over deliver in a shorter number of hours, so try and bear this in mind when filling certain roles.

5. Benefits

Increasing your female workforce involves taking a holistic look at what working at your company means to a potential employee. People no longer live to work – they are wanting well rounded lives which may include having a family and having time to enjoy other pursuits outside of the office. Offering varied benefit packages is one way of attracting wonder women, including medical aid packages that take care of their families, childcare options that support them and a wide variety of pension options to choose from.

A diverse workforce is one in which all employees are treated as unique, using their particular set of talents and experience to create a better future for your company. Having more wonder women in your company is one great way to do this – and will stand you in good stead in the future, in our rapidly changing world.


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