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Why confine training to a training room, when you could actually do it anywhere in the world? From an office or home, to a café or even forest, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, or at any global destination you can imagine.
Life can often feel like a constant balance of juggling meetings, appointments, work commitments, studies, hobbies, friends and family. It’s rare for a person to find themselves with nothing or little to do in these modern times.

With all this (and probably so much more) on any individual’s mind at any given time, it’s hard to find the time to upskill yourself. But it’s something you cannot ignore, if you want to further your career, or if you’re a business, to keep your employees growing.

For employers, it’s not easy to find the time in working hours to train staff. Meetings change or come up at a moment’s notice. Business trips can keep employees out of the office for days at a time. Scheduling a regular time for anything is practically impossible.

The digital world of learning has much to offer in this regard. Of course, there will always be the appeal of a beautiful old learning institution nestling on the hillside and steeped in a country’s history, but studying online opens a world of opportunities.

Companies don’t have the time to lose an entire team for a day of sitting in a boardroom, hopefully absorbing some information. For many employees, this might just seem like a day off from the usual office grind.

No two people learn effectively in exactly the same way, as many studies have taught us.  Some need a quiet corner at home, while others thrive in a busy, noisy environment.

By taking training into the digital space, employees can choose where and when they will complete their learning. They can do 15 minutes of reading while waiting for a meeting to begin. They can learn while waiting for public transport. Or they can learn in-between appointments on a business trip. Employers can also allocate an hour a day for their team, that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the work day.

Removing the barriers of the traditional classroom allows a new freedom which is essential to surviving today’s fast-paced world.

You can learn when it is most convenient. There is no longer a need to sacrifice days of work to achieve the best for, and from, your employees.

Employees can take the time to enjoy their new training and really soak it in, without the pressure of other things on the agenda. And companies benefit by not losing their team for days to workshops out of office. Employers can also track the progress of the courses taken, to make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

With courses no longer requiring time out of the office, this means more capacity for training in every aspect of the business and, ultimately, increased productivity from the newly-upskilled team.

Everyone, from chief executives and managing directors to customer relations and maintenance staff, deserves access to education that will allow them to fulfil their potential – in any industry.

Nawal du Toit is the General Manager of digital training platform Educate24. www.educate24.co.za.

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