The benefits of flexible working

Flexible working comes in many forms; you can agree on having flexible daily hours, compress working days or work remotely. Whichever one of the three you choose, whether you are an employee or employer, you stand to reap bountiful benefits from flexible working. If your manager is proposing a flexible working schedule, or your employee has the same request and you are wondering what is in it for you, the following is why you should go for it.

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Is anyone going back to the office?

The answer is yes. Now we know that working from home works, many employees will want to keep doing it when the coronavirus crisis fades. Many employers won’t mind because they have already invested in the costs associated with remote working such as cloud set-ups and connectivity and have had some proof that the concept works.

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How Covid-19 has affected the gig economy in South Africa

A report by The Fairwork Project – a collaboration between various South African and foreign university research units – has found that the non-standard employment status of gig workers during Covid-19 has made them particularly vulnerable during an economic shutdown. However, some gig networking platforms have stepped up to ease the pain.

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The 3 smartest strategies for 2020 employee vetting and interviewing

2020 may be the year that changes the workplace forever.

COVID-19 has forced countless organizations around the world to shutter their offices temporarily and embrace the tenets of remote work. Pre-coronavirus, the concept of the satellite worker was already growing in the United States: according to Flex Jobs, 4.7 million Americans were working remotely as of February, up from 3.9 million in 2015. That figure accounts for 3.4 percent of the population – a number that promises to grow in the coming years.

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The ‘New Normal’ of re-opened workplaces after Covid-19

Once society begins “life as normal” following the COVID-19 lockdown, employers are legally obliged to ensure safe working environment for employees, with not only hygiene but also physical, psychological and intellectual measures in place for an indefinite period.

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5 Little-known policies that need to be in your employee handbook

The majority of large businesses today have an employee handbook. However, medium and small size business managers may find it unnecessary to have an employee handbook because of a small team. As you are going to see, this should not be the case.

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