Who Will Watch the Watchers?

Employers and employees rely on employment tribunal commissioners to discern between appropriate and inappropriate conduct, and to remedy the incorrect classification and consequences attached to employee conduct. If an employee committed misconduct, the commission is tasked with considering the facts afresh, and determining the appropriate sanction in deserving cases. Faith in the statutory dispute resolution system hinges on the sound exercise of judgment by commissioners every day. Our legal system even tolerates the fact that a commissioner may occasionally get it wrong. But what happens when the commissioner is the one committing the misconduct?

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What are you training your leaders for?

A quick look around the world at political and business leaders will reveal that there are very few leaders who, when it comes to actually leading people, demonstrate competence and inspire hope and confidence. That’s despite the eye watering amount of $366 billion that is claimed to having been spent on leadership development, according to TrainingIndustry.com.

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