Powerful B-BBEE reporting has arrived!

The world of B-BBEE and regulatory compliance is complex; we all well know, that failure to comply can have serious legal and financial ramifications for employers.
Add the complexity of department heads needing specific reports to meet their regulatory obligations both timeously and accurately, and a consolidated view of procurement, training and people data has never been more needed.
Considering that B-BBEE scorecards, EE, and ATR Reports, as well as certain components of ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, and Sustainability reporting, all typically use similar data sets, doesn’t it make business sense to leverage the same data to manage compliance across these multiple frameworks?   
Mpowered, a Black Women-owned, level 3 QSE B-BBEE compliance management solutions company brings you Mpowered Analytics that simplifies the complexity of compliance management.
And HR Analytics has never been easier!

The added benefit of the tool is the ability to leverage critical data for Employment Equity, and ATR reporting. Mpowered Analytics simplifies reporting across multiple compliance frameworks, optimises the best B-BBEE scorecard at the lowest cost, and enables flexible and customised reporting.

Mpowered Analytics better enables Transformation, HR, and Procurement Executives in making informed decisions.
By combining our industry-leading BEEtoolkit compliance management software with a team of seasoned B-BBEE subject matter experts, Mpowered Analytics provides a visual aid to analyse the over or under demographic representation allowing for better workforce management planning; overspend, underspend, or inefficient spend on skills and training initiatives becomes clearer, providing a comprehensive and critical truth to which points an organisation is achieving against scorecard weightings.
With this holistic view, we guide our clients in gaining a better understanding of where their B-BBEE and compliance risks

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