11 Benefits Of Having an Applicants Tracking System and How It Will Save Your Company Time and Money

The hiring process isn’t always the same since it constantly changes over time. This happens because of technological advancements in the daily world. As we can see, the hiring process has changed and made it much easier than it ever was with traditional hiring methods. 

The hiring department has access to a pool of resources, and on the other hand, everyone can apply, even those who don’t have the necessary skills. Therefore, this makes the hiring process tiring. 

New technologies such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are an excellent way to take advantage of your hiring process and reduce time consumption. However, that’s not it; there are many more benefits. We will discuss the ATS and how it’ll save your company the necessary time and money. 

11 Benefits an ATS grants you

  • Less time consumption and margin of error

The ATS is well known for being highly effective in reducing time consumption. All because of the automated process of publishing job postings, storing, and analyzing potential candidates. In this case, it ensures that all candidates receive a follow-up email and significantly reduces time consumption and the possibility of making errors while sending emails. 

  • It makes hiring fast and cheap for small businesses

Small businesses are usually running on small budgets to optimize their profit rates. Their attention usually goes to what customers and employees immediately need. However, ATS software is generally overlooked, but its efficiency and smartness are on a new level. 

Businesses with a plan, vision, and the proper tools can launch these for future growth. Now, let’s not forget that ATS is one of the most important tools for a business. Its most significant advantages are that they optimize productivity rates, make recruitment complaints, and set a foundation for future growth. 

There are many popular ATS tools on the web, but choosing the one that will help you save time and money is important. For instance, Freshteam ATS for small businesses is a tool that enables you to streamline the hiring process, manage your job boards, make collaboration smoother, and build a robust talent pool. 

  • Quick and unbiased decisions

Recruitment software can view your applicant history and make informed decisions accessible to all team members. In addition, the ability to view comments and feedback from applicants allows for transparent decision-making. So, you don’t need to worry about any of your information getting lost or placed in the wrong area. 

You can easily access it all in one hub, resulting in a faster decision-making process. So, create custom application forms with smart questions powered by AI-powered CV that shortlist the most suitable candidates. 

  • Saves you money

You’ve heard the popular word; time is money. This is especially true regarding knowing how expensive the hiring process is. Hiring an employee alone can cost you thousands of dollars, and it can take weeks to make the right hire. Additionally, hiring people faster also means there is miscommunication, more engaging candidate experiences, and more. 

Now, let’s not forget that the hiring process means much fewer empty seats, higher productivity, and a successful business. 

  • A more efficient way of improving the candidate screening process

Once you formulate your criteria on what job candidates should screen, the software will begin the initial screening of resumes that meet previously set requirements. So, by automating the manual screen process for every application you have, you save your recruiters time which they can use for screening candidates who aren’t suitable for the position. 

  • Strengthen employee branding

An attractive employer brand has never been as powerful as it’s today. A strong employer brand is what can make a significant difference when it comes to attracting both passive and active candidates. With an ATS, you can both measure and analyze to improve your employer branding strategies. 


So, seek to create branded job postings, customized emails, and eye-catching career portals. 

  • The ATS improves the candidate’s experience

There is a significant difference when talent comes around. In fact, more than 50% of the newer generation (Gen Z) won’t consider applying to your company if they see your methods are outdated. Also, you can’t ever afford to miss out on a large part of the talent pool. 

So, the proper ATS will allow your team to improve its candidate experience with the following features: 

  • Making it much much easier for candidates to apply through the mobile application tools and career sites 
  • Keeps candidates updated on the hiring process. In fact, 96% of candidates are concerned about the company’s transparency. 
  • Simplifying the hiring and onboarding process with an ATS that integrates with HCM software solutions 
  • Helping recruiters quickly get in touch with candidates and speed up the hiring process 
  • Access to hiring information all in one place

The software acts like a database and stores the applicant’s data in one place, where you can easily access this information whenever needed. You can even go through all applicants that aren’t the right fit for the job. 

Especially when you have to go through hundreds of applicants, that is the least preferable thing to do. No matter how much of an expert you are, going through hundreds of applications with a few employees on your team isn’t something fun to do. You may ask why? Since there’s a greater chance of error that may disturb the hiring process, negatively affecting both applicants and recruiters. 

The ATS doesn’t make you go through this challenging process. It stores information in one place, allowing you to switch between applications quickly, compare candidates, update their status, filter candidates, and search for candidates without leaving the system. During busy schedules, this will be super helpful! 

  • Pardons you from data privacy compliance

Data protection is a trending topic in the recruiting world. It’s not something we can let go of and avoid complying with. Complying with data privacy laws is an advantage for recruiters. As new regulations are implemented worldwide and data protection becomes more crucial, it’s essential to find a way of legally handling your private data. 

Many ATSs comply with data privacy regulators such as the GDPR and CCPA. So, if you are a recruiter that doesn’t have the time to continuously read about new changes made to data privacy or are not entirely sure how you can handle data. 

  • Easy publishing and sharing job ads

With the ATS, you can easily share your job posting on several job boards, social media channels, etc. In only a click or two, you don’t need to tire yourself out by manually uploading everything from channel to channel and individually monitoring each of them. Additionally, you can see each channel’s success rate in your analytics tab. 

  • ATSs are becoming an industry standard

Manually going through applications is becoming a traditional approach. However, research shows roughly 75% of recruiters use an ATS as part of their daily recruiting work. This means that you’re falling behind in a competitive world of top talents if you are not using one. 

Your goal is to stand out from competitors, but avoiding using an ATS won’t help you do that. So, if you avoid using an ATS, you only show a negative example for candidates and your recruitment team. In addition, ATSs are not challenging to use; they speed up the hiring process and simplify it. 

Without it, candidates might find out and potentially abandon their application even before going through the first stage of the hiring process. We are during the great resignation, so it’s important to keep up with competitors and ensure you are correctly assessing the skills of your candidates.

How did an ATS change the way recruiters work?

Everything we mentioned above, we saw that the ATS had brought endless benefits to our table. It shows that you are spending less time on your recruiting process, reducing the margin of error, and saving more than $10,000 yearly during your recruitment phase. 

Especially in the digital age, time and money are the most important elements we need to pay attention to. So, consider that the ATS is on your side and helping you reduce potential issues you might face without it! 

Wrapping it all up

That’s it for this article. Hopefully, you learned a lot about the ATS and how helpful it may be, but it’s now time to put everything into practice. Ask yourself, is your business following traditional recruiting methods, or is it adapting to the power of the ATS? 

The ATS has changed how we work, and it’s time to adapt to it and use it to our full advantage! 

Tony Ademi is a freelance SEO content and copywriter. He has been in the writing industry for three years and has managed to write hundreds of SEO-optimized articles. Moreover, he has written articles that have ranked #1 on Google. Tony’s primary concern when writing an article is to do extensive research and ensure that the reader is engaged until the end.

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Have you reached your final destination?

Life is often described as a journey, and in many respects it is, but as you get to the end of this year, you may or may not feel you have/n’t reached your final destination. It’s important for you to know what you consider to be your final destination and if you really want to reach it.

During our lives we go on a number of journeys that run parallel to one another. One of these journeys is the journey of self discovery regarding the person we really are. This is a journey which will never end as we will never fully come to discover everything about ourselves in this lifetime. 

There’s also the journey of finding the most suitable career activity for ourselves. This journey is closely linked to the journey of self discovery. If you don’t discover who you are and what talents, gifts and abilities come naturally to you, you risk spending your career as a square peg in a round hole – always trying to fit and making an effort to do something that’s juts not naturally you.

Your career journey can go through many stages and the idea is that each stage is an improvement on the previous one. That’s what career growth is all about.

Then there’s the journey to finding a life partner, for those who choose to do so. Of course, when one finds the partner, one starts another journey on the road of the relationship, which itself results in other journeys such as the journey through parenthood. And for those of us who are parents, we know that that’s another journey altogether …!

Going on a journey, however, implies that there should be a destination. Destinations may well be reached, but never make the mistake of considering them to be your final destination. Unfortunately, some people do however reach their final destination long before they die and, while they are still physically alive, they are dead in other ways. They have lost or given up their vision, and they have lost their sense of purpose, whether it be personal or professional.

Viktor Frankl, in his 1946 book Man’s Search for Meaning chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate and explains how he saw people, exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally,  simply deciding one day that they were just not going to get out of bed any more. Others would care for them by bringing them food and washing them, but very soon those people died. It would seem that they had decided that they had reached their final destination and that there was nothing more to live for.

He came to understand that those who still had a meaningful purpose continued to live and eventually survived the horrors that claimed the lives of millions of people.

Have you reached your final destination without realising it? Have you decided that you’ve gone as far as you want to go? Have you decided that you don’t want to get out of bed anymore? That you don’t want to learn anything new any more? Have you decided that you don’t want to have to deal with any more challenges in life? If so, you possibly have reached your final destination and, while you will probably live longer than those in the concentration camps did, in one sense you’ve already started to die.

Don’t give up. Life’s journeys provide lessons that will take us from ignorance to enlightenment. Few of us realise that the challenges we face in life are lessons that have presented themselves to us. If we refuse to learn a particular lesson, it will return to us in a different form a little more challenging than the previous lesson.

Recognise the challenges you encounter in your professional and personal life as lessons and ask yourself what it is you need to learn, either about yourself, about others or about life. You will be surprised to discover the truth in the old saying: when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Remember, muscles don’t grow or develop by resting. They grow through resistance. You have to pick up heavy weights to ensure your muscles grow. 

Once you start learning again, you will realise that you never want to reach your final destination!

Alan Hosking is the Publisher of HR Future magazine, www.hrfuture.net and @HRFuturemag. He is an internationally recognised authority on leadership competencies for the future and teaches experienced and younger business leaders how to lead with empathy, compassion, integrity, purpose and agility. In 2018, he was named by US-based web site Disruptordaily.com as one of the Top 25 Future of Work Influencers to Follow on Twitter“. In 2020, he was named one of the “Top 200 Global Power Thought Leaders to watch in 2021” by peopleHum in India. In 2022, he has been named on the Power List of the “Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2022” by LeaderHum.

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