5 Survival Tips When You Are in Between Jobs

Whether you’ve been unexpectedly let go from your job, just graduated and can’t find a suitable full-time position, or quit your old job because it was too unbearable, surviving in between jobs can be challenging. However, learning what you can do then can help you successfully pull through this phase of your life. Here are five survival tips when you are in between jobs.

1. Apply for payday loans for the unemployed on benefits

Your finances are usually the tightest, especially when in between jobs because you don’t have a reliable income source. Expenses will keep coming without a stable income, plus other sudden costs, further straining your already unstable finances. While unemployment might impact your eligibility for conventional loans, most direct lenders know that traditional income sources aren’t the only way to get approved.

If you’ve lost your job and are actively looking for one, you can consider loans on employment insurance, especially if you are in a tight financial situation. So, consider visiting a payday loan location near you to learn more.

2. Consider volunteer work

Remaining productive without a structure in your day can be difficult, causing you to lose motivation. Volunteering when in between jobs is an excellent way to keep your body and mind engaged towards something positive daily. It also helps you learn new skills to help you grow professionally and personally while filling the gaps in your resume.

Volunteering is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the job world changes and trends. Joining a volunteer network allows you to meet new people, increasing your chances of new professional and social doors. Assisting others can help instill a renewed purpose in your life while taking the sting and pressure off your financial and employment situation.

3. Take up temporary projects or jobs

While taking up temporary jobs or projects might not be the most prestigious career, it’s an excellent way to keep yourself financially afloat as you get things in order. Based on your skills and experience, there are a lot of alternatives to explore, including data entry, transcription, web development, translation, design gurus, and freelance writing.

Temporary work, especially when in between jobs, allows you to experiment with various industries and work while building your resume. It gives you more flexibility and helps you build your experience and skill set to address your resume gaps. Temporary gigs are also a great way to develop your network, keep your knowledge and skills current, and may result in permanency.

4. Take a professional development course

A professional development course lets you expand your knowledge, boost confidence, and stay current with market trends. It’s an ongoing process of consistently enhancing individual competencies and skills for future career prospects. Professional development demonstrates your ability to self-improve, helps you stay in touch with the newest developments, keeps your qualification up to date, up-levels your resume, and boosts your chances of acquiring your dream job.

5. Track your expenses

Budgeting your finances when in between jobs isn’t easy. However, it’s crucial for sound financial health. Start by trimming your expenses as you reconsider your non-essential and essential expenses. Use an expense tracking tool to monitor your costs and consider determining a specific amount to spend every month. This will ensure you don’t overspend or spend on unnecessary things until you find a stable job.


Surviving without a source of income is challenging. Consider using these tips when you’re in between jobs to survive. 

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