IR35 contractors may mean more demand for recruitment agencies

Employertube anticipates greater use of technology will allow recruitment agencies to scale and handle the ever-changing demands of the market without the associated costs.

The UK’s IR35 legislation ensures that contractors pay the same tax and National Insurance contributions as an equivalent employee. New IR35 changes to be implemented in April 2020 for private sector contractors will transfer responsibility from contractors to large and medium companies when assessing IR35.

IR35 will see thousands of employees lose their contractor status and open up full time PAYE roles. We anticipate that the recruitment sector will see increased activity for hiring professionals as a result.

Recruitment agencies who are are not prepared for this potential influx of candidates and roles will likely struggle to maintain quality and unbiased processes. Relying on manual work in situations like this is often unrealistic and can result in significant increases in costs. Employertube provide a seamless technology solution that helps recruiters deal fairly with large numbers of applicants in less time whilst also saving money.

We help recruiters scale their operations without the associated costs whilst at the same time increase transparency and fairness in the recruitment process

Nick Marr is the CEO of Employertube.

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