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Scroll down to see all events HR Future has coming up!Managing MillennialsMasterclass: Management Skills for Millennial Managers

Facilitated by: Alan Hosking

Why attend?

As they’ve moved into their 30s, Millennials are now making their way up the ranks into management positions. Through no fault of their own, having had a highly protected upbringing with doting parents, very few, if any of them, were given the opportunity to develop the real life skills necessary to not only manage themselves but manage others.

What is the focus of this masterclass?

Millennials will be taken through a participative process that helps them see themselves as they are to explain what they’re good at and what they’re not. They will then be given insight into the skills and qualities they need to develop in themselves to be competent and caring managers.

What will you learn?

How and why:

1. Why Millennials are different from any other generation in the workplace.
2. What strengths Millennials bring to the workplace.
3. What skills and qualities Millennials have to develop in themselves.
4. How to manage themselves before they can manage others.
5. Management skills to get the best out of the people they manage.

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25 July 2018 JHB Breakfast

HR Future Johannesburg Breakfast

Facilitated by: Alan Hosking

Topic: Agile leaders create agile companies

Get insights into what agility in a company and in a leader is, why it’s so important to become more agile (both as a leader and as a company), how to develop greater agility, and how to measure your own and your company’s agility.

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