June 2023 digimag

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Defining factors of healthcare worth havingJosua Joubert, Chief Executive Principal Officer at CompCare Medical Scheme, South Africa
Self-driving but not Self-Made job opportunitiesCorinna Frye, National Head of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, the US
Be a great people managerDr Jack Wiley, Multiple award-winning organizational psychologist, researcher and leadership consultant, the US
The paradox of motivationMostafa Sayyadi, Senior Management Consultant at The Change Leader Consulting Inc., the US; and Michael J. Provitera, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Barry University, the US
Get off the retirement train tracks!Dr Mark Bussin, Executive Chairperson at 21st Century Pay Solutions Company, South Africa; and Daniela Christos, Candidate HR Practitioner/Consultant at 21st Century Pay Solutions Company, South Africa

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