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Survey results reveal current leaders don’t cut it. A Deloitte survey established that 87% of employees don’t think their company has the right leaders. A Gallup survey indicated that 50% of employees leave a company because of their boss.

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If you’re a line manager or team leader who wants to engage and retain your people, and wants to inspire and lead your people to unprecedented levels of performance, HR Future’s panel of global and local experts can help you do so.

Handpicked by Publisher Alan Hosking from his extensive global and local networks, HR Future’s contributors act as trusted advisers to 35 000 HR Directors and professionals as well as to 27 local and 91 global Business Schools and Universities in 46 countries!

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Our digital subscription is tailor-made for highly mobile achievers who like to enjoy “anywhere, anytime” access to the advice they want and need.

And that advice comes in three ways:

1. Your monthly copy of HR Future digital magazine, accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone;
2. Audio podcasts of each issue’s articles which you can download to listen to in the car or the gym;
3. Access to past issues (up to two years back) for added value.

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