5 traits of wonder women in the HR space

Working in Human Resources takes a special kind of person, that’s for sure. But merely fulfilling specific tasks is not enough – if you want to excel in this vital part of any company, you need to be a little bit special.

So, what kind of traits do you need to be a true wonder woman in the HR space? Here are some characteristics we think will stand you in good stead as your HR career develops:

1. Multi-tasking

Yes, we know the words “women” and “multi-tasking” are often mentioned in the same breath, but that’s because it’s true. HR professionals are hardly ever working on one project – they’re recruiting, training, crafting internal communication, conducting performance reviews, negotiating salaries and any number of other tasks. Therefore, the ability to multi-task and prioritise the most important tasks is a vital skill – and luckily one that most women have in spades.

2. Empathy

Dealing with other people requires a supreme level of empathy if you want your interactions to be fruitful. You need to be able to put yourself in their shoes, foreseeing their needs and ambitions, appreciating their fears and listening to their grievances. You also need to understand that they are people outside of their work environments, and most employees have families they are trying to provide for and protect. Offering generous medical aid packages is one way of extending this empathy further, and it also makes you a more attractive employment option.

3. Trustworthy

Above all, HR wonder women need to be extremely discreet and trustworthy. You’ll be privy to confidential information such as salaries and performance reviews – and if you end up gossiping and letting this information become common knowledge, you won’t be doing your job for very long!

4. Leadership

It may not be the first trait you think of when it comes to working in HR, but being a leader is highly important if you want to get people on your side. And because this job is about people, inspiring them to change their behaviour, upskill themselves or even get enthusiastic about a company fun run – will be a lot easier if you can lead them in a charismatic way.

5. People skills

This is an obvious one, but it’s surprising just how often people who don’t really like interacting with others end up in HR! Wonder women who succeed in this industry need to be interested in how others see the world, and like dealing with them on a daily basis. They don’t all have to be chatty extroverts, they could be introverts who are excellent listeners and are naturally curious and empathetic. Whatever your personality type though, you need to genuinely like people, and want to see them succeed.

As a woman in the HR space, it’s worth taking advantage of your natural abilities, and then working on any of those vital traits that don’t come as naturally. Harness your inner warrior and you’ll be an HR wonder woman in no time!

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