6 hacks for your small business’s finances

Finances are, without a doubt, the most important thing when it comes to any business.

It’s rather simple; no business can be sustained without a good finance managing technique. More often than not, this is a long and tiresome road, but a necessary one. Keeping your finances in check will ensure your business grows steadily and healthily. It might seem hard in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. To help you along the way, some financing hacks have been devised. These are the tips and tricks from people who started out just like you.

1. Rely on your emails

The piece of advice you’ll hear most often in the business world is that you should rely on financial apps instead of your emails. People often call them a waste of time and say that it’s easy to get lost in them. That might be true, but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to use them to your advantage.

First off, keep a neat inbox. Once you’ve got a hold of that, you can use your email as a good log for your finances. There are apps for this, but you need to pay for features such as going back to old messages. Who knows when you’ll need information or proof about something that was a while ago? With emails, you can keep track of that history for free.

2. Keep track of what you spend

No matter how much we think we’re in control of our finances, it seems like they’re controlling us more than we are them. That’s because it’s simply impossible to remember everything you spent the money on. That’s why we often wonder where all the money went already. There’s a simple solution to this problem.

Keep a log of your finances. Every time you spend money on something, write it down with the cost next to it. That why you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and on what. It’s also helpful if you set a budget and try to stick to it as much as you can. Since you have all your expenses written down, you’ll know what to cut down in order to keep your budget.

3. Brush up on your invoicing practices

Invoicing is a great way to keep track of the transactions you have with your customers. Some new business owners end up neglecting it, and that’s why it gets harder to keep track of their finances over time. There are two ways that you can keep your invoicing documents.

First, you can have them printed out and stored. So, you’d have physical evidence of your transactions. This can get messy and impractical very quickly, though. That’s why it might be better to opt for the second way. Using a recommended software. That way, everything will be in one place and easily accessible any time you want.

You should definitely pay more attention to invoicing and come up with more great tactics for the best results.

4. Open a bank account

Chances are you already have a bank account. But, you should also open a separate account just for your business. This way, all of your income will be in one place, and you’ll make it easy on yourself to track it. It’s very important to separate your work and personal life, which is evident even when it comes to the bank.

What’s more, having a business account open will surely help you obtain small business loans. You never know when you might need them. In some countries, it’s even illegal not to have a separate bank account for your small business.

It’s highly advised to further look into the benefits of having a separate bank account with your bank.

5. Don’t multi-task

Multi-tasking is a great way to get things done when you already know exactly what you’re doing. When you’re at the beginning and just kicking things off, starting several things at once proves to be counterproductive. You can’t be at too many places at once; it’s simple as that. Instead of multi-tasking, try focusing on one thing at a time.

Have a set of priorities and treat them accordingly. Your first order of business should always be your first. That is until you’re satisfied with the outcome and are ready to move onto the next point. This way, you will gradually build up your business with no holes in the foundation. It’s easy to multi-task later when all the goals are met, and you just need to maintain them.

6. Embrace the digital world

A lot has changed in the modern world, and that’s evident. It might just be enough to scare the traditional businessman or empower a new one. We hear a lot of negative things about this digital world, but it has brought a lot of good too. For instance, it’s easier now more than ever to keep your finances in check.

There are a lot of software available to help you along the way and to make sure your finances are neat and in check. That’s exactly why you should digitize everything that you can. Not only will a programme keep track of everything for you, but there’s also less chance of it being lost or damaged. In the physical world, out belongings get damaged and lost more often than not, regardless of how much we take care of them. The chances of that happening with a program are slim because backups always exist online.


All in all, managing your business’ finances can prove to be a real challenge. It won’t always be a smooth ride, but with enough determination, and the right guidelines, we’re positive you can come out a winner. Remember that every beginning is hard. You have to start somewhere, though. The more time goes on, the better you’ll be at managing your business’s finances without a problem. Of course, employing these hacks will help you greatly.

Neil White is a student of a digital marketing, who likes to travel a lot. While you are reading this he is probably somewhere other than where he was yesterday.

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