How to make a difference as an HR representative

A human resources representative is the face of the company to all the employees. The human resources person is in charge of basically anything that has to do with employees, good or bad. They also are the people who ensure that the company is up to standards and in standard with all the laws.

The human resources person is very important in the company, but since they typically are involved in good and bad circumstances with employees they tend to get a bad reputation. Check out these ways to make a difference as a human resources employee.

Be Friendly & Communicate

No matter what, always smile and be friendly and approachable. A happy face can really open the door to make any situation better. Being a human resources person is a lot like being a politician. You have to make the best out of any situation. Be an open door with employees. The worst thing that can happen to employees is if they feel like they cannot speak to the people ‘higher up’ within the company.

Get the Facts

Get the hands on facts. Not just what the employees are saying. Take the numbers and get written facts. Hand out annual surveys and get information on your employees. Use data extraction to get the facts about things going on inside of your company.


Even when you have to break bad news or deal with a bad employee, make sure you have a good approach. Some people are extra sensitive to certain personalities. So be sure to approach all types of people in a way that works for them.

Be Ahead of the Problems

It is important to be ahead of your game. Be sure that you have your eyes open and are being aware of potential problems around you. If you have a problematic employee, be sure you are noticing and dealing with that. Do you have numbers off? Stay late and get that fixed. Problems can turn into big problems if they are not caught early. Be perseverant, responsible, and on top of things rather than procrastinate.

Use Technology to Your Benefit

There are many types of technology out there to make jobs much easier. For example, there is very extensive technology that makes the medical industry a much easier place to operate. It also ensures that medication and medical tools are in the right hands. It also can track things to ensure that if there’s a problem, it can be pinpointed. Utilize this type of electronics for your industry. Also, technology can make communication much faster. Communication speed has massively increased and become much more convenient from email to text messaging to all types of electronic tracking of things.

Try New Things

Don’t be afraid to listen to your employees and try their ideas. They are in the throws of the industry that you are the human resource officer for. They are doing the job every single day. They know what they are talking about. So if the budget allows and the idea is legal, then consider trying any new ideas that are thrown out there.

Don’t Just Use Your Words

Don’t just walk around bossing people around. This is what can cause you to get a bad reputation. If there is a short handed problem somewhere within the company, get out there and help fill in the position. If you are feeling overwhelmed by office work, get out of the office and go visit some of the locations and see how everything is going.


You can make a difference by being a human resource officer. You can try new things and listen to your employees input. Being a human resources officer can be a big deal and an enjoyable experience. Use technology to make your employees lives easier as well as track data in a much simpler way. Don’t just use your words, go out and see your employees. It is important to be a positive human resources officer so that you can improve your own life as well as others.

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer and entrepreneur based in the US who specialises in business technology, customer relationship management and lead management. She also writes about the latest social trends, specifically involving social media.

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