What is the missing puzzle piece of your business?

Leading a business to success can be very challenging, to say the least.

Starting from human resources management to finances, it is very easy to overlook the small, yet essential factors that can either make or break the company. Apart from maximizing existing resources, it is also smart to look at fresh and innovative tools as opportunities to prosper and develop. Determining the missing puzzle pieces as the business progress is not as difficult as it may seem.

Social media and content management

Close to three billion people are engaging in social media activities. Thus, the fast paced and highly digitalised society dictates the undeniable need to maintain a good social media presence. Creating social media profiles is cheap and easy, however, what most companies fail to look into is effective management. It is important to regularly update your profile, produce valuable content, and ensure constant interaction with people online. From attractive pictures that surpass the boring and bland to videos that accumulate views and converts to profit over the long term, there is a lot that social media content can help your business with. Investing in customer support and content management professionals is a good start and a smart investment that can pay off in dividends in the future.

About 71 per cent of good social media experience from a company is also highly likely to provide the constructive recommendation to win new customers. Moreover, internet visibility is definitely crucial to maintaining a professional, credible, and reliable image to gain and keep customers. The trust rating depends not only on the amount of service but also on how the company’s brand is presented to the world. In addition, a study of Marketing Sherpa revealed 18 to 34-year old adults have about a 95 per cent probability to follow and patronize brands through social media.

E-commerce website

Making the most out of your e-commerce website is another key that start-up and long-running businesses tend to overlook. Although it may appear daunting and expensive, there are actually a lot of cheaper ways to put up and maintain an e-commerce website. From tapping existing talented employees to hiring freelancers with commendable experience or rates, a successful e-commerce site is one click away. These sites can potentially reach billions of shoppers, as reported by the Wipro Digital Research. It is a fantastic way to find or collect leads and ultimately increase profit. Facebook, eBay, or Amazon are existing sites for e-commerce, however, creating one for the company allows better competition and integrity as a whole.

Utilisation of innovative manpower tools

It can be quite tempting to depend entirely on existing manpower for an overall employee management. However, not many business owners will understand the need to maximize the gems of digital age including sets of HR software. Undeniably, there is a huge benefit of automating one of the most tedious operations of a company, the human resource management. Bersin by Deliotte found about 22 per cent savings per employee in companies with upgraded HR systems.

Technology allows extensive strides for an organisation that saves resources including time and manpower. Some of the benefits of using human resources tools include:

• Simplified and enhanced employee recruitment
• Employee performance development
• Key performance metrics monitoring
• An integrated system by direct employee input
• Daily workflow organisation
• Easy payroll management

The responsible and effective tapping of social media promises immeasurable gain for every venture. Moreover, a highly professional and well-maintained website builds and highlight the strengths of a company. The use of innovative tools to maintain efficient company operations should not be overlooked. It opens doors for improvement, saves time, and increases efficiency. Furthermore, this leads to a conclusion that the missing puzzle piece of every successful business is people. Happy, contented, secured, and optimised people constitute a thriving superpower in the business world.

Lindsey Patterson works as a director of marketing at a tech firm in Utah.

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