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How the dismissal process works

How the dismissal process works

Issue: When does a dismissal take place and what must be shown to prove that fact? Commissioner’s decision In the case of Makosi/Nqanqdo Trading Enterprise (2016) 25 CCMA 7.1.23, the applicant, Makosi, was working as…

Retaining your victory after arbitration: useful tips for employers

An employer should realise that an arbitration award in its favour is not necessarily the end of the matter. Trade unions and employees may elect to review the award before the Labour Court.Successful employers who…

Is length of service reason to pay different salaries to employees performing the same functions?

Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd v Workers Against Regression (WAR) & others Issue Whether length of service is a justifiable reason for paying employees performing the same functions differently. Court’s decision In Pioneer Foods (Pty) Ltd…

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