5 Rules to consider while going on a business trip

Going on a business trip is more stressful than going on vacation. Sometimes, these trips come out of nowhere, and you have little time to plan what you are going to bring with you.

Therefore, it’s important to have a handy list of the things you should pack before going on a business trip and avoid the mistakes. Here’s a list of the 5 items you must pack, provided by human resources experts.

RFID Wallets

  • Money clip: This is a great way to have quick access to your money. Due to the size of money clips, it’s important to make sure it has sufficient slots to fill all your credit cards.
  • Bifold: This is a classic design that is very practical due to how thin it is. Most of them come with RFID blocking technology included.
  • Passport wallet: This is a great choice for international travelers. Most passports have an RFID chip with your personal information. This is the sort of sensitive data you will want to protect.
  • Credit card holder: If you like to travel extremely light, then this is the best choice for you. Keep in mind that you can only fit in your credit card and a couple of bills.


Finding the right briefcase might be more difficult than you think. Here are some options for briefcases you might want to invest in to make your trip more comfortable.

Wheeled briefcase

This is by far the most practical option when it comes to short business trips. You can pack your clothes and any important documents you might be carrying with you. Furthermore, due to the small size of a wheeled briefcase, you can bring it as a carry-on, which will expedite things at the airport. Just remember not to put in anything that surpasses the limit when it comes to liquids.

Messenger bag

This is a great option for trips that will not require you to stay overnight. Numerous brands offer sophisticated designs that look professional enough you can bring them to your meetings. However, it would be difficult to pack everything you might need plus a change of clothes.

Laptop briefcase

A laptop briefcase might not be necessary if you are already bringing a wheeled briefcase or a messenger bag. However, if you are one for compartmentalizing as much as possible or you have additional laptop equipment then using both a wheeled briefcase and a laptop briefcase can be a good option. This is especially true if you are planning on putting some work in at the airport. Also, it will be easier to take your laptop out when you are going through airport security.

Professional clothes

When it comes to the clothes you will be wearing there are two things to consider. First, they should look professional since you are traveling for business. The second thing is folding them correctly to avoid wrinkles as much as possible. Avoiding having to look for an iron at the last minute can save you valuable time.


You are probably going to be packing a suit or at the very least, a blazer and basic bottoms. The trick is to fold them instead of rolling these pieces of clothing. It is the best way to avoid excessive wrinkling, although it’s not infallible.


You should always put socks inside of your dressing shoes. Women should also do this for closed heels. This is a great way to make sure they will keep their shape and won’t get damaged during the trip.

Packing Cubes

You can use packing cubes to better organize your suitcase and make the most of the space you have available. A medium-sized packing cube will be perfect for shirts and blouses. A smaller one can hold things like your socks and the rest of your underwear.

Comfortable shoes

Although shoes have been mentioned before regarding how to pack them, you should also keep comfort in mind. You might have to walk long distances within the airport and even at your destination. Some of the characteristics they should have are:

  • Proper support;
  • Memory foam or technology designed to provide a cushion for your feet; and
  • Durable soles.

Workout clothes

If working out is one of your habits you can bring a change of workout clothes. Even if your trip is going to be longer than one day, you can quickly wash it in the sink and hang it to dry. The lighter the clothes, the quicker they will dry and be ready to use again. This is a great way to make the most of the space you have.

Traveling for business is already stressful enough just considering you are going to be working most of the time. By keeping these tips in mind when it comes to packing, you will be able to be ready much faster and packing will not be one of the things you’ll have to be worried about.

Mariam Simmons is a trend setter at Alpine Swiss and fashion recruiter with a love for writing. She loves traveling to the world’s top stylish destinations and gets inspired to create helpful fashion and lifestyle guides.

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