How changing office design can impact the work environment

Successful business relies on good business ideas, a strong work ethic, and a team of professionals.

However, there is more to productivity than providing just bare necessities. Aside from property, people are a most important asset in every company, so providing a positive and stimulating atmosphere is vital for thriving business. Same as with any other interior, workspace requires an occasional makeover, whether for functionality or purely aesthetic reasons. Although the new look of the office assumes a positive effect on employees, not every change will result in achieving a work environment that suits everyone. To make sure that new adjustments will ensure a good working environment, here are a few things that one should take into account.

New office design as an investment 

Whether downsizing and moving into new space or simply looking for a way to refresh the look of the office, it is important to understand that office design directly impacts the impression and feel of those who work there, as well as clients and partners. A company whose office design manages to reflect their concept, values, and culture sends a strong message to people. Employees are highly motivated when they work in an environment that allows flexibility and a certain level of autonomy. An employee-friendly office design creates new and healthy dynamics that makes people want to come to work and be efficient. 

Embrace idea of open plan

Although the open plan may not work well in every business, a great number of companies are turning away from the hierarchy office system where big guys have their private offices, whereas the rest of employees spend their working days behind designated desks. Since good communication flow is vital for any business, make sure that office design promotes dynamics and cooperation among workers. Open plan, unlike any other layout, invites people to interact and exchange ideas and information. It creates a unique atmosphere of equality and drives people to perform even better. 

Establish different areas

Not everyone works the same way nor has the same work to do, so make sure to provide areas within the office for meetings, phone calls, etc. Open plan is a great way to ensure communication and to speed up some projects, but it can get in a way for people who have a slightly more demanding job and require undisturbed work environment. There are plenty of ways to create zones with different working conditions without compromising open plan. Modular office furniture, screens and different types of office partitioning will help you make the best of open plan office, without employees being disrupted. 

Make it comfortable

Since people spend most of their waking hours at work, it is an act of kindness as it is a smart investment to make their working space as comfortable as possible. Comfort goes beyond aesthetics as it allows workers to feel good and relaxed in the office. Investing in quality furniture and accessory, such as ergonomic chairs and risers for computers will pay off in a long run since no one can stay productive while constantly stretching and moving too often only to relieve the back pain. 

Plan the office colour palette

There is a lot of science behind colour psychology, and many companies deliberately use some colour schemes to influence and to control the overall mood and attitude of their employees as well of their clients. Include colours that will inspire and relax people who work there. For instance, natural colours are quite popular in interior design, and the true reason behind this trend is the fact that people find them pleasing and calming. Know that warm colours like orange, yellow and red will uplift mood and boost creativity, while blue and green will reduce stress and evoke the serene atmosphere in the office. 

Make it bright and airy

One of the most overlooked factors in most offices is the amount of natural light as well as the quality of artificial lighting. Bright and well-lit interiors are proven to have a positive effect on people s mood, focus, and productivity. Conversely, poor lighting can create eyestrain, headaches and even depression. When planning suitable new office fitouts, consider increasing the amount of natural light by installing a skylight or replace a wall with glass blocks. Also, make sure that working space has good air quality since it significantly affects the ability to focus and function properly. Needless to mention, but still, it will drastically decrease the number of sick days of workers. 

Bring nature in

Many businesses aim to improve their sustainability profile as their owners realize the importance of this type of responsibility toward environmentally aware clients. Many offices include natural materials and organic fabrics in interior design that instantly make any room more pleasant and friendly. Also, a business can tremendously benefit from bringing in some greenery as well as some images of nature. Popular green walls are far from just a trendy eco-friendly show-off, as they improve air quality in the room and reduce indoor pollution. Not only that a green wall is a beautiful sight and can stand as a work of art, but it also freshens up the room and makes people feel calmer and rest. 


Investing in friendly and stimulating office design is a sure way to improve your business by simply creating a good working environment and boosting employees creativity, moral and loyalty.

Neil White is a student of a digital marketing, who likes to travel a lot. While you are reading this he is probably somewhere other than where he was yesterday.

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