10 Employee engagement trends for 2020

To help employees engage more in the workplace you might have to come up with a serious plan. There are various reasons why employees – especially lately – are losing connectivity with the work environment.

First, there is an increase in Artificial Intelligence technology, with A.I. trends taking employee roles within companies; by using automated processes, these technologies are becoming more preeminent, and might sometimes take away opportunities from real people. Since individuals are not as appreciated as they used to be, their productivity decreases, so we have to make sure that keeping them engaged is our first priority.

Second, as technology use increases, human interaction decreases; yet for some people, besides money, human interaction is the whole reason for which they are working.

In the end, without employees there would be no profit (at least today), so keeping their interest active is highly important. This is why I will be discussing the most valuable employee engagement trends for 2020 in this article. I hope that it will help you put the remaining puzzle pieces together and utter the employee experience.

1. An emphasis on the culture

One of your business goals should be emphasizing culture within your company. That is because employees thrive when they feel safe and part of a community; if you can create that for them, they will become increasingly loyal to your firm. Lately, many companies have been losing valuable workers because of the lack of community-building; some of the real talents choose to go for lower salaries as long as the company they are working for supports them and includes them in the decision-making processes. Offering this attention to all of your employees is crucial at this moment in time, especially when dissertation services and other types of businesses might be losing ground. 

2. A more balanced work-life

Now we know that excessive working/excessive relaxation can have a damaging effect on our health. So, the more balanced we are, the better results we gain. In regard to your employees and your HR system, they feel the exact same thing while at work – they want to put in the effort, but they need to rest at times for their productivity to increase. Thus, make sure you help them find that balance, whether it’s through implementing mandatory meditation breaks or setting up a yoga relaxation room within your office – you name it.

3. AI will become the new trend

As I already mentioned, Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over the world, and this might scare some of your employees. They need to know that they will have a job within the next one to two years, so offering them that comfort might be necessary. Have talked about these issues to make them accept the new technologies in an easier manner. Help them understand how they can use this technology. Be there for them and teach them the newest tech trends and tips!

4. EQ becomes more important

Since robots are quickly spreading within companies, people will be looking for more ways to connect with each other, turning Emotional Intelligence or EQ into an important attribute to develop. If you can bring people together more often – either via video chat, assignment help, or in-person – they will soon become more comfortable and thus, opening up to other people becomes easier. The more millennials communicate with each other, the more productive and determined to succeed they will become.

5. A more globally diverse society

Another trend that’s been on for a while is promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Since every employee in your company comes from a unique background, his or her input might differ tremendously from another employee’s. By promoting open discussion and including everybody in the bigger conversation, problem-solving becomes a piece of cake.

6. Career growth at its best

If the above methods succeed, employees will be, as I mentioned, more determined to work hard to achieve success in their career lives. That means that they will seek to progress and learn constantly, turning them into valuable assets. Thus, it is important that you create that growth opportunity within your company. If they feel like they get stuck at some point, they will want to leave and progress elsewhere, since their hunger for success is speaking. Don’t let that happen!

7. A focus on mental health

Another important issue at this time of our lives is mental health. With new technology emerging and people being continuously exposed to distraction (social media, TV, etc.), mental health is important to look after. A good idea would be starting a Wellness Program at your firm or check on your employees every now and then to see where they are at. Make sure you are proofreading this program before releasing it.

You could create a new company culture by having people share common ideas and interests within the program. Don’t forget that your employees’ performance is ultimately determined by their ability to perform well, which can destabilize with decreased mental health.

8. The more benefits, the more employees

The traditional benefits are important to keep but you have to make sure that you can come up with more creative and imaginative ways to help your workers improve. Millennials appreciate personalized items and systems of reward, so include that into your plan. In any case, make sure that you have a well-defined benefit scheme.

9. Remote working

Enabling remote work is another thing you might be considering, especially in this technological-abundant era. The more flexibility employees have, the better results they will produce. Thus, make sure that your culture includes this option.

10. Communication via video

Today, as remote work increases in popularity, telecommunication does too. We need to make sure that our company can offer this option for communication with people who can either not make it work or prefer to work from home. It is important that we include them in the bigger picture. Creating video content is a good opportunity to attract this workforce and have them apply for available spots at your company.


I hope these new trends helped you have a bigger picture of how things will develop this year. If you have comments or feedback to add, please leave us a comment. Otherwise, good luck and have fun with your new ideas!

Kurt Walker has been working as an editor and a copywriter at a professional paper service in London for three years. He is also a professional content writer, essay writer and journalist in such topics as inspiration, productivity, education, and technologies. His essay writing services and professional assignment help have been inspiring for many students.

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