What are the secrets to people management skills?

It’s very essential to have correct people management skills as managers play a big role in success of the organisation or people management are most integral part of any business.

As new challenges can be seen in any business, Manager should know how to develop effective workforce and teams and Managers should be able to make the employees understand the goals of the organisation and how they can be in synchronization with the individual goals and organisation success.

Some of the People Management skills include:

Prioritizing and assigning

As a Manager delegation of the task to the subordinates will make you perform better in your role as it will help you in optimum use of staff resources, manager can get extra time for other work and this will in turn also keep the staff motivated and confident. In order to delegate Manager should prioritize most important task and delegate task you can keep some precautions like do not delegate task exceptional task which can be done by yourself and task which involve confidentiality.

Implement PESTLE Analysis in business

A PESTLE analysis is a framework of political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors which used to analyze the factors will influence an organisation from the outside, with the help of PESTLE analysis Managers can help to identify future challenges. Managers can be identifying the most influential factors for team management and what actions can be taken.

Develop Succession Planning

Succession planning is identifying and developing talented employees to fill key business positions in the future. Succession planning may include training and development activities and as key Manager one should be aware of role criticality in the teams, their impact, in any employee leaves or transfer. Manager should invest time in succession planning or Managers should invest in their people growth and development which will make the team more productive, intelligent, improved wellbeing and team can be managed easily.

Performance Management

Managers should regular manage the performance of the team that employees are contributing positively and achieving the business objectives, which in turn will help in develop the team, setting up of clear expectation, increased communication and prepare well in advance. This would lead to better people management.

Leadership Empowerment

Manager should communicate well with stakeholders (external or internal) and set clear goals and involving its team members, Manager should be equipped with the adequate capabilities to be able to lead and manage the team, Manager show have comprehensive understanding about the business, market and should involve team in decision making. Process need to be managed by teaching people and allowing them to manage themselves.


Manager should coach their team members to develop and perform, coaching will provide benefits like improved relations, improved productivity, performance, strategic architect, courageous credible and business driven. Coaching will further strengthen employee’s skills as a result manager can delegate more work to the team and managers can focus on other core activities in the organisation.

Learning from experience

Take time to recognize your past failure or achievements, colleague, older employees, these experience can navigate you in better people management skill, build in your responsibilities. Managers should not be too friendly with their colleagues and should not share any confidential information further Managers should understand the importance of laws and compliances too.

Enroll yourself in a leadership course

Enrollment in any good leadership course will add value to your profile and skills, Leadership course will help you in good decision making, these course will future help you in implementing the leadership style, making better decisions, encourage introspection and help you in how to build a successful team.

Handling new employee

New employees should be welcome well and proper inductions training should be organized, Manager should explain the objectives of the company, employee’s responsibilities, Managers should explain authority work in company and delineate the chain of command. It is also advisable to create a diagram of the corporate hierarchy in orientation program.


Every employees wants some appreciation and credit, giving credit for right things will always motive the team in the future, Don’t wait for a huge accomplishment to celebrate, Reward with small achievements and appreciations. There are number of ways to recognize achievements that cost little or few minutes to accomplish.

Managing your own behavior

As Manager and in order to managed the people, Manager should be must to managed them self well and set an example for the team, Manager must seek pleasure in doing their own work, work must be delivered consistently with positively, in this dynamic and contemporary environment of competition there will be work related challenges and it should be handled confidently, planned and structured manner, most important stay away from internal or external politics rather focus should be on giving your best.

Finally, contented committed team is an asset, to manage people you need to have qualities they like trust, make personal contact with people and who and when to follow. As the famous saying “You must be able to lead yourself first in order to lead others” Finally, Manager should be polite and should respect team members as individual behavior can affect the behavior of others and should set an example for the team.

Piyush Thareja is a CPHR, Certified Practitioner Human Resource from Australia Human Resource Institute, the Director at Brooks Consulting Private Limited, www.payrollservicesindia.com.

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