What is the “new” exemption for Zimbabweans?

The Minister of Home Affairs announced on the 8th September 2017 that with effect from the 1st January 2018 and subsisting for a period of four (4) years from that date, a new exemption dispensation would kick in. There is a brief window of opportunity within which existing Zimbabwe Special Dispensation Visa holders may apply for the “new” exemption and this commences on the 15th September and closes on the 30th November 2017.

All holders of current Zimbabwe Special Permits qualify to apply for the new dispensation Visa provided that they are possessed of a valid passport and that Visa.

There are other formalities to be dealt with but these in fact will appear in the next publication of HR Future magazine where the author has written a more comprehensive article on the topic.

Feel free however to connect with Julian Pokroy Attorneys on enquiries@immigration.org.za making sure that in the subject line the words “ZEP Visas 2017” appear.

A further quite dramatic development is that holders of current Zimbabwe Special Permits who wish to apply for a change of status to that of a mainstream Visa may now do so within the country. This however, only applies to persons who qualify and this would mean generally the critical skills Visa categories. These categories can be view by clicking on the link hereunder.

Julian Pokroy is a Specialist Attorney at Julian Pokroy Attorneys.

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