Why recruiters fail to make the most of social media

We’ve reached the point now where more than 50% job seekers choose their employer based on the company’s social media presence.

But while social recruiting has plenty of pros, it is not without flaws and limitations. When a recruiter uses social media for recruiting without a strategy in place and posts jobs with no predefined target audience, reaching out to real talent in a vast recruiting landscape with a massive user-base can soon turn into an overwhelming drudgery.

The use of social media for recruiting can definitely be an effective addition to your sourcing strategy provided you have a clear plan, realistic recruitment goals, relevant content, compelling job descriptions and a captivating brand identity that helps you clear the clutter. The easiest way to make the most of today’s talent-rich networks is by teaming up your social recruitment efforts with a fully-loaded ATS.    

To help you understand how exactly an applicant tracking system overcomes every inadequacy of social recruiting and ensures that you find your right fit much faster, we’ve put together an infographic that compares traditional social recruiting tactics with an ATS integrated social recruiting approach. Learn how an ATS helps you save hundreds of work hours and be a successful recruiter in the age of social media.

Kelly Barcelos is the Digital Marketing Manager at Jobsoid.

ATS integrated social media recruiting vs traditional min

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