How to write an AI-friendly resume

Thanks to advancements in technology like artificial intelligence (AI), the HR industry continues to improve and innovate.

Corporations use AI-based software not only to streamline resume screening, but also to reduce bias in the application process.

Online job listings create efficient hiring processes for both employers and applicants. Application Tracking Systems (ATS) help hiring managers sift through applicants quickly, allowing them to spend more time on meaningful tasks and relationship building.

However, these AI-powered systems aren’t failsafe. One minor error could disqualify the perfect candidate before a human hiring manager ever has the opportunity to see it. Writing an AI-friendly resume is imperative to make sure applicants don’t ruin their chances at a job. How can they create a resume that wows hiring managers and gets approved by the AI bots of ATS? The informative graphic below from LiveCareer outlines best practices for getting past the bots and into the hands of the HR department.


How to write an AI-friendly resume
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