4 ways HR managers can effectively engage millennial employees

Millennials are said to be lazy, entitled and self-centered. They are the most educated generation that has ever existed.

Sadly, millennials are the most depressed lot of human race, because a majority of them are unemployed, and the majority of employed millennials are underpaid. However, despite their disadvantaged economic and societal standing, they are very aggressive in making their situation better. They are also, perhaps, more educated than the rest of your staff. They very technology savvy as well.

A lot of accredited research data on millennials, and how they cope with paid jobs, should help you to figure out the best human resources strategy to harness their potential. If you have a millennial working at your offices, high chances are that the millennial is far more talented and skilled than the majority of his or her peers. You should try out the following five human resource strategies to get the most out of your millennial employees.

1. Make clear cut deals.

Millennial employees are often accused of lacking self-drive and autonomy. However, they just prefer knowing what they are needed to do, and how they stand to benefit. Even when they intern or do volunteer work, they often do so to grow their portfolios. Theirs is a very competitive generation where only the best succeed.

Millennials get frustrated easily when they have to work with people who do not establish their expectations. They are systematic humans who have always followed scheduled systems. They also do not like it when their due rewards are delayed or denied. You should provide them with leadership by giving fixed and quantifiable objectives and targets to them. If you can, then, by all means, increase their rewards every time you increase their duties. Also, increase their duties every time their potential to do more grows.

2. Take time to know them

Millenials are complicated and are often motivated by different things. They are underpaid despite their impressive academic accomplishments. With the absence of enough financial motivation, they require friendly supervisory stimulation and hope to work with the oomph that your company requires to grow. As their superior, make sure that you engage them in friendly chats and witty, but professional, discussions.

You should know what makes every one of them excited. You should also know that they know so much more than they divulge. They have the most intimate understanding of the internet in the history of the world. By understanding their interests, you can discover their worth as high-value marketing, branding and technology consultants over and above their job description. They tend to appreciate it if their education is applied to the maximum, but it never is.

3. Offer them flexibility

Most millennials take jobs that are not in line with their dreams. However, they are always more effective than other employees as long as their workplace targets and duties are well defined. They like to freelance at any IT staffing agency that provides them with exciting challenges.

Warm up to your millennial employees and get them to accept some more workload. Give them flexibility in return. Allow them to come to work only when they are needed in person. They adore working from home, and only very few would dislike such an offer. Go further and even suggest that staffing agency that you think could offer them extra paying gigs to supplement their experience, expertise and earning.

4. Embrace and exploit their love for social media.

Millennials love social media platforms and spend most of their time building their social networks. Fighting them on the use of social media could backfire on your face. Be shrewd, as your job demands of you, and turn their real-life aloofness into a marketing strategy for your company’s various initiatives. Tell them to spread positive awareness about the company’s products and operations.

Lindsey Patterson works as a director of marketing at a tech firm in Utah.

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