4 Qualities all good HR Managers need

Applying for the role of an HR Manager can mean the start of a very rewarding career. In fact, a job in HR can mean that your days will always be full and you will never run out of work that needs to be done.

There are always rules and regulations to follow, training to be adhered to, and kept up to date and various issues relating to employees, employers, and problems in the workplace.

Work-Life/Home Life

An ability to separate your work and home life is essential. Being able to compartmentalize your work life and leave it at work when you go home is a must. As we mentioned above, there will always be work that needs to be done and the problems that your department will need to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean you have to let it overrun your life.

Allowing your professional and personal life to intertwine is a recipe for disaster. As an HR manager, you will need to put things into place to stop this happening. Set up a virtual postbox with a company such as physicaladdress to capture any work correspondence, have a separate work phone that can be switched off during office hours, and make sure you don’t take any paperwork or other office distractions home can help you draw that line. 


In this job role, you will be working closely with other people who will be entrusting you with their problems with the hopes you can resolve them. You will also be in charge of other issues such as holiday entitlement, sickness and absences and staff training. Being able to empathise with others and react compassionately is a quality all HR managers need to exhibit.

This will come into focus when dealing with reprimanding staff. Dealing with everyone on a case by case basis and taking into account their circumstances will help you gain more respect than applying the rules liberally and literally even in exceptional circumstances.

Legal Knowledge

HR managers aren’t lawyers, but a good understanding and knowledge of national and local employment laws is a must. Knowing when to say no or authorize something is essential and knowing how you stand from a legal point of view will help you in making those decisions that can often put you on the spot in tough situations. Being able to think calmly, rationally, and abide by the law under stressful circumstances will stand you in good stead and help you become a better manager for your company.


Whilst it is true some companies have dedicated members of staff for certain roles, this isn’t always true of every HR department in every company. Depending on the company you work for, you may find you are required to flit between jobs as and when different situations arise. From compiling an up to date training schedule for all the staff to dealing with an unexpected situation that needs your attention immediately. If you are able to show you can multi-task and not lose efficiency or focus, this will undoubtedly work in your favor. 

HR Future Staff Writer in the US.

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