How to Prove Your Value at Work

Not much creates anxiety for an employee like asking for a raise. It can be hard to argue on your own behalf when it comes to money, and even if you have an extremely good case, the conversation can still be uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean you should avoid it entirely like 40% of all professions, however.

The best way to get over the nerves of asking for a raise is to prepare well ahead of time. Do your market research, and understand what the company’s bottom line is. From there, it’s only a matter of proving your value.

Being able to demonstrate to your employer how your work contributes to the company’s profits, improves the overall culture, or facilitates others better work is incredibly important. Even if you are satisfied with your salary, you should be keeping track of your contributions in order to have a successful performance review at the end of the year.

Staying informed about the value you provide also helps you stay motivated and track your progress towards your overall professional goals. Plus if your career ever leads you to a change in companies, you’ll be able to demonstrate why you’ll be a good employee in interviews.

To learn more about how exactly to prove your value at work, check out this helpful infographic by Turbo:

How to Prove Your Value at Work

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