5 ways productivity affects economic growth

Every business aims to grow. Getting bigger means more profit and greater satisfaction of the clients. Unfortunately, not all businesses are destined to succeed.

There is a lot of effort an employer has to invest in their staff to create a successful company. Every business, no matter the size, has milestones and goals which must be achieved in a certain period.

One of the main aspects of every flourishing business is productivity. It is the pillar of every company and the way it develops further in the business sphere. However, it’s not something that just happens. Employers have to pay close attention to the behaviour of their employees and use certain incentives to help them be more productive.

1. Talk to your employees

As an employer, your job is to lead the company and delegate the tasks. You will have a perfect insight into the external reputation of your business, but internal one is also something to focus on.

This includes paying close attention to the mood in the office and having time to talk to your employees from time to time. A little informal chatter will bring their spirits up and make them feel special. Additionally, if you have a good memory, try to remember their kids’ or spouses’ names since this will show that you care.

Of course, there are certain boundaries that must be respected and conversation should never go beyond the employer-employee relationship. This is due to the fact that while you show genuine interest you also have to preserve the image of authority.

2. Welcome new ideas

Sometimes your employees can be more in touch with the newest trends in the market. Although you have a certain idea about your business, the change can also be beneficial and sometimes necessary. That is why employees’ ideas can be an asset especially if you do business in the highly competitive market.

The easiest way to organise this is by simply placing an idea box in the hall. Once you review all the suggestions, you can ask those employees with the best ones to create a detailed presentation. Give them enough time so they can prepare a feasibility data and five-year plan.

Innovation is a very important element in today’s business world and is something you should embrace open-minded. More importantly, asking ideas from employees will motivate them to work more diligently and pay attention to the newest changes regarding their line of work.

3. Organise a recreational area

Having a recreational area at the office is not unusual anymore. The business world finally accepted that having something to relax and entertain the employees during work hours can actually be beneficial.

This doesn’t mean you have to copy big enterprises like Google, but you can still create a modest but highly effective rec room. It’s enough to place a few sofas, reading nooks or even yoga mats so your employees can escape the stressful work.

In Japan, some companies planted grass so employees can walk barefoot since it’s proven to reduce stress. A game of table tennis can add physical activity to relaxation which is also a great way to loosen up. Stress is like flu, it tends to spread in the office and creates anxiety among employers. With recreational area, you can help them unwind, come up with solutions, new ideas and have a positive impact on the company.

4. Create a comfortable environment

Making your employees feel comfortable at their desk is the precondition to have a productive team. Having air condition installation in the offices, supplying employees with ergonomic chairs and giving them access to the best equipment will certainly boost the moral.

Decoration has also a lot to do with productivity. Flamboyant colours like pink, orange or red can be more of a nuisance. So try to use neutral shades and mix them up with interesting patterns and textures. Add oxygen-producing plants since they will refresh the air and open up the thought flow.

Make sure that there is enough coffee and tea in the kitchen so your employees can rest their eyes with the cup of hot beverage. If your offices are turned to the sunny side, install shades so your employees can work without being bothered by the sunlight.

5. Include team building in the budget

Team building is more than just what the name says. It’s the way for some people to try things they usually wouldn’t dare. Also, it creates a support system for those who are introvert or shy when it comes to meeting people. And, lastly, it lets employees see each other in the more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The pleasantness of the event will boost people’s sense of belonging and they will feel more than just a worker bee. The less business talks the better although that is an unavoidable topic. Team building can not only help with bonding your employees, but also creating new ideas and exchanging knowledge.

In the end

Economic growth depends on the productivity of your employees. The higher the energy and loyalty they invest in bringing the profit to the company, the bigger your company will become. Productivity is not something tangible and that is why it has to be dealt with carefully. With this simple but highly manageable advice you can boost the productivity and watch your business grow and beat the competition.

Neil White is a student of a digital marketing, who likes to travel a lot. While you are reading this he is probably somewhere other than where he was yesterday.

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