Five ways to attract and recruit tech developers

Attract skills that can set technological trends in your business sector.

Deployment of technology is costing companies billions of dollars annually. But with foresight on a future where relevance depends on modern disruptive technologies, investment on tech minds and trends is worth the risk.

Think about it this way. You are still stuck with old social media techniques to disseminate information only to realise your competitor is using Augmented Reality in marketing.

The role of developers in companies, organisations or businesses is becoming a big necessity. They will help your business cope with new trends not just in marketing but also serve as important bridges to relevance among consumers. It is comparable to a student looking for the best dissertation assistance, but he or she cannot seem to point out ‘Wally’ in the crowd. So the big question is; how do you attract skills that can set technological trends for your business?

You not only need to learn ways of attracting and recruiting tech developers but also how to retain them for as long as it takes. It certainly goes beyond the popular approach of salary increment.

Silicon Valley companies and tech developers

Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley work with some of the best developers in the world. It is a means by which they try to outdo each other. Facebook developed React.js to give users of the world’s largest social media platform a seamless browsing experience. Google is always setting the pace with its new technologies such as the Google AI assistant.

Samsung and Apple, which are the world’s biggest electronics companies, are always making big statements in a world of Smartphone revolution by releasing mind-boggling features and Apps. Think about companies engaged in robotics, Electric Vehicles and space science such as Hanson Robotics, Tesla, Space X, and Amazon.

Technically, it is a game of wits with coding at the centre of everything. What keeps these businesses in the lead is that they always look around, get hold of and retain the top cream developers the market has to offer. So, here is another very important question: do you pay befitting salaries to developers? Arguably, coders are not always attached to specific companies. They always want to associate with the best, and for better pay, but the latter is not an end in itself.

Tips for attracting and recruiting

For the small business, hiring the best developers in the market is a tough challenge but, with the right tips and understanding of the role of AI will play in future of employment, you are good to go.

1. Start with building a brand name

The aforementioned companies are markedly top players in many different technology environments and one of the reasons that they manage to find the best developers to undertake crucial coding tasks is that they always focus on building strong brands. Google, for instance, is a household name among search engines, and it always employs the best minds in the world to oversee its projects. It, therefore, means that, with a strong brand, you can get almost anyone who does coding like a pro to your side.

2. Market the future

The 21st century is fast pacing out and even as the world’s Fortune 500 companies try to dominate each other, technologically, only that which is future-oriented will remain relevant. Think about investments in VR, AR, AIs, and companies spearheading such initiatives. You will come to a sound conclusion that developers always want to be part of big, disruptive future-oriented technologies.

3. Promote a culture of creative freedom

If your company has some of the best tech minds but there isn’t an environment of creative freedom, there are high chances that you are going to lose them to rivals. Developers always want to try new coding techniques, scripting languages and explore new frontiers. It is their way of coming up with even more cutting-edge products of technology.

4. Invest in mentorship, growth and innovation

As the future of AI gets closer than before since its inception in 1956, software design techniques and programming languages have changed over the years to bring about innovation. To attract and hire the best developers, a business must show concern for the growth of these geniuses by offering them mentorship programmes. It blends with their desire to grow in the job.

5. It takes more than a salary

The era of using salary as bait to retain the best minds in employment is long gone. And because developers are some of the most challenging people to deal with, it is imperative to show concern for AIs, recognise their efforts with awards for innovation and bring on board incentive perks.

The bottom line

Companies that want to find and hire the best tech minds must invest in emerging disruptive technologies and plan ahead for the future. There is no better way of retaining great minds than customising developers’ jobs in ways they will appreciate.

Beverly Lerch is a psychologist and a young writer. Since 2014 she’s been working on developing effective career strategies. One of her major interests is cutting edge technologies and their usage in the hiring process.

This article appeared in the June 2018 issue in HR Future magazine.

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