How to make home a better place to work remotely during the quarantine

The entire world has seemingly turned into a ghost town as people are required by their respective governments to stay indoors in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are a lot of us who can still continue earning our daily wage by working remotely from the comfort of our homes and doing so will keep us safe from the deadly virus that lurks outside.

But let’s face it, our homes are not offices. Distractions are aplenty, there’s a lack of office equipment and supplies and, most of all, that dining chair that you’re currently sitting on as you respond to emails at your dining table is non-comparable to the comforts provided by an actual office chair.

There are ways to make your home a better place in which to work remotely, though, and that’s what we are going to tackle. 

Your desk

The first thing that you should do is dedicate a space to work in. It’s understandable, though, that not everyone has an extra room that they can convert into a home office or studio. Hence, it’s advisable that you at least have a separate work desk instead. 

You can always convert a desk or table that you already have at home into a work surface, but if you want to get a new one, then there are a lot of different size and style options that you can order online. In fact, there are even corner and wall-mounted options for those with really limited space.

Home accessories

Now that you have a workspace, it’s time to jazz it up. There are different home interior accessories that you can use that will not only make your station more aesthetically pleasing but will also help boost your productivity.


Speaking of which, did you know that the one element that can greatly influence one’s productivity is lighting? In fact, according to a study published in the German journal, Fortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie, it was found that warmer light increases one’s creativity, while brighter, colder light increases one’s focus and concentration.

You can choose which lighting temperature will serve the nature of your work best. As for the fixture, focused lighting such as desk lamps and pendant lights are recommended. Don’t hesitate to get a stylish piece so it can double as a decorative element for your work desk as well.

Wall art

Speaking of decorative elements, one of our biggest challenges when it comes to decorating workspaces is the fact that we can only dedicate so much space to decor. After all, you would want to reserve much of the surface space for utility, such as holding your work equipment and other essentials. 

Hence, a great workaround is to focus on wall art instead. It will brighten up your work station and it won’t eat up any surface area at all. Hang up art and images that will inspire you. Calligraphy and typography of your most favourite and empowering quotes are great too, and so are the pictures of your loved ones.

Stick to muted and neutral colours, though, especially if your work station tends to accumulate clutter. This will minimize visual distractions.

Carpets and rugs

Since we are already talking about distractions, do you know what can distract us the most when working? Loud noises, like footsteps. This is the reason why most companies have completely carpeted floors. They work great to mute those heels.

While it’s not necessary to carpet your home or even your home office, it’s still a good idea to lay down a nice area rug. It helps separate your desk and anchors it as a workspace and, most of all, it will provide extra warmth, comfort and, of course, style.

What’s more, having a rug is a definite must-have for those who have opted to get a standing desk since it will provide your feet with some extra support. 

Stylish storage

Your home office is almost ready. The only thing that’s left to do now is to fill up your desk with your work essentials. Sounds boring, right? But not if you incorporate the following stylish storage ideas:

  • Floating shelves. Can’t decide how to hang your wall art? Then don’t! You can opt to create an accent wall instead by either painting or installing a nice printed wallpaper. As for storage, you can then put up floating shelves that you can use to hold your books, office supplies, stationery and, yes, framed art and photos;
  • Trays. A glass tray with gold detailing is an elegant way to hold your scattered paper, and random clutter. A wooden or wicker piece is equally stylish depending on the aesthetic of your workspace; and 
  • Baskets. For bigger and more unsightly items that you would rather have hidden, you can use woven baskets instead. Again, baskets (like trays) come in different materials. Choose one that matches the look that you’re going for.

In the end, what’s important is to choose storage items that can elevate your everyday office supplies.

So you see? It really is possible to work from home, and it gives you and your family that extra protection against the dreaded pandemic that is currently plaguing the world. But most of all, there are ways that you can do it in order to make your experience better and definitely more stylish. Stay safe!

Leila Amber is a Design Trend Setter at Knothome, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is a passionate writer and home decor and design enthusiast. She has a keen interest in creating helpful design and decor guides.

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