HR trends in 2020 that will promote workplace flexibility

Finding the top talent in 2020 for HR professionals will be even more daunting with the introduction of technology and Generation Z entering the workforce.

Hiring talented professionals and finding them had been the most challenging part of HR Management since time immemorial. But, in 2020, one will see the advent of a lot of new hiring methodologies that would have never been seen before.

It is very likely that HR professionals from across the world will be targeting Generation Z in 2020 (currently aged between 4-24 yrs. old) to ensure maximum work efficiency and output for their respective organisations.

Why Generation Z?

Here are the reasons for an obvious inclination towards this specific age group:

  • This age group’s close familiarity with the internet, and technology.
  • The fresh energy they bring in just by the virtue of being more youthful.
  • Youth is considered to be highly trainable, and easily adaptable to changes.
  • Being this young, they learn faster as compared to a professional from a different generation.

It’s the hardest time to hire in the 2020s

As a lesser number of people are actively applying for new jobs, it has become even harder to find the top talent in varied industries for HR people. Besides, staying in line with the latest technologies in hiring that are originating every now and then, has made the job even tougher for HR personnel.

Top 5 Employment trends set to dictate the hiring norms in 2020

#1. Retention will be the key to hold on to doing well

Finding out new talent is crucial to being on the top, but what is more important is holding on to the existing top talent in the organisation.

To achieve the same, HRs must perform employee satisfaction surveys from time to time to find out the working experience of employees in the organisation, and finding suggestions on the improvements needed.

#2. Presence of people from different generations

In 2020, there will be a lot more people from generation Z that will be entering into the workforce across the globe. Gen X has already been in the workplaces for years now, millennials can also be found in good numbers to be already there for quite some time.

Millennials and Gen X have already had a repo among themselves for quite some time now, and therefore, there is a mutual admiration and co-operation that exists.

But, the biggest challenge for the HR professionals worldwide would be to manage Gen Z, and get the most out of them, while making them work efficiently with the other two generations.

#3. Workplace flexibility and remote work would be appreciated

Flexible working in terms of disrupting the norms of strict office timings, and option to work from residence would be the two major perks to be demanded by the talented professionals in 2020.

However, coping up with such requests would push the HR to their extreme, as it will test their management skills, and familiarity with technology.

HR Teams having the right technology and efficient HR tools to manage requests such as work from home, or providing employees option to login to work during a specific duration in a day, would certainly manage with ease.

#4. Workplace diversity to be focused upon by employers

Top organisations in the world across the globe will focus more on introducing diversity in their respective workplaces. The reason being, preferring talent over human biases such as ethnicity, religion, age, education, gender, and sexual orientation.

Top reasons to hire a diverse workforce:

  • Firms having a diverse workforce already in place are yielding 15-35% more in terms of profits, as compared to companies with less diverse workforces;
  • Around 80% of organisations worldwide would be taking new initiatives in 2020 to hire with more diversity; and
  • More than 50% of employees in the current workforce in the U.S. think that their employers should do hiring focusing more on the diversity factor.

#5. Adoption of technology in hiring

Apart from the current rising trends in the employment market, such as workplace diversity and flexibility, there is one more rising trend that is destined to take over every other trend in hiring, and that is technology adoption.

AI and Automation are supposed to completely take over manual CV shortlisting for any job profile whatsoever.

Let’s check on to some “hard-hitting hiring facts” of 2020 regarding technology adoption:

  • In 2020, a large number of employers worldwide are expected to incorporate AI in their hiring process and strategy
  • More than 75% of recruiters will make use of applicant tracking AI software in 2020 to search for potential candidates for varied roles in their respective organisations.
  • A Glassdoor negative review for a company will lead to more than 50% of potential employees declining an offer by the employer in question.

Parting words of wisdom

2020 will see employees enjoying more work benefits than ever. Flexibility in work timings, working from home, and operating from a remote place miles away from the employer’s facility, these will prove to be some of the godsent work flexibilities for employees in 2020.

However, employers will have a few challenges to encounter while searching for the top talent. In totality, 2020 would be inclined a little more towards employees, which can be considered a big boon in terms of the employment market in general.

Ariaa Reeds is a professional writer and a blogger who writes for a variety of online publications.

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