Jobs in Europe – which country pays the highest salaries

Totally Money have carried out research looking at which European countries pay the highest salaries for a range of common jobs.

Switzerland averages the highest paid salaries of all studied countries;
France has the lowest average weekly working hours, measured at 35 hours; and
Greece has the highest number of paid holiday leave with 29 days.

November 2019: Totally Money have created an interactive report looking into a number of European cities to see how they compare when it comes to job salaries. The study also allows you to see the average weekly working hours and the average paid holiday from each country across the continent.

Where Is The Best Place For Teachers In Europe?

One popular occupation is that of a teacher. If you were to look at working in another European country, which would pay you the highest?

Country Average           Salary             Ranking
Switzerland                         £73,286             1st
United Kingdom                £42,344             2nd
France                                 £37,772               3rd

Total Average Paid Salary

The study also looks at a number of other common jobs found in European cities, ranging from gym instructors to lawyers. Some of the key findings were:
• Gym Instructors working in Switzerland earn the highest salary with the average being £71,322;
• Portugal pays the lowest salary to bar staff out of the studied European countries, averaging just £18,986; and
• Being a Lawyer in France sees you earn on average £75,559, despite working just 35 hours a week.

Weekly Hours Worked

As expected, different European countries offer different weekly hour requirements. As we are seeing a rise in four day working weeks, has this affected much?

The table below shows the countries with the highest weekly working hours:

Country               Hours Worked       Ranking
Greece                     42                                  1st
Switzerland            42                                  2nd
Sweden                   40                                  3rd

Paid Annual Leave

A concern for many workers, the number of annual leave holidays we receive is an important factor to our work vs life balance. The study shows how many days each country offers for paid leave. Ranking as number one, Greece offers the most with 29 days. Germany, along with four other countries, offer the lowest with just 20 days.

Country Number of Holiday Leave Ranking

  1. Greece 29 1st
  2. France 25 5th
  3. Germany 20 8th

How does your country compare? To view the full research as well as infographic, visit Totally Money.

Data collected October 2019. Full data including sources available on request.

Full credit to Totally Money and when referring to the data.

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