Get your strategic HR Management and Planning in order

Strategic HR management and planning is a very important part of organisational development for saving costs and meaningfully contributing to the overall goals of the company.

It links the HR department with the strategic plan the company has to achieve its mission. It aligns the goals of the two and creates a symbiotic atmosphere for the company’s workforce.

With a strategic plan, you will have the ability to know what kind of human resources you need and what is the best way to hire and retain them to provide the company with a competitive edge and boost innovation.

An effective employee engagement plan, developing a remote workforce, the use of technology for resource planning and training and development to enrich the jobs are the key aspects of a strategic HR plan.
So, what is the best way to integrate strategic HR management and planning and how can you make it successful. Let’s find out.

Assess the existing HR capacity

To develop a functional strategic HR plan, companies need to know what they already have. In this case, they need to know how many employees they have and know what each of them can achieve.

Knowing the skills, knowledge and abilities that each employee has is very important. And to do so, you need to create a skills inventory. It should be created for each one of your staff and list all their skills, training, education and abilities. They don’t have to pertain to the work that the employee is currently doing at that time, but all of his skills should be noted.

That will help determine if that employee can take on further responsibilities and if he can be reassigned within the company. Above that, you also need to know how each employee is performing at the workplace. In that case, ask the supervisors or managers to write a report about each employee annually.

The report, combined with the skills inventory, will help HR make wise decisions that will form part of the bigger picture of the company. You can decide on new training methods or other actions that you see fit.

Predict future HR demand

All companies have their own goals and objectives. Perhaps a company intends to focus on their marketing front to reach its financial plan forecasts. HR needs to develop a strategic plan based on that and forecast the need that will arise due to that determined goal.

In our example, HR will identify the need for getting the necessary skills related to marketing. They can choose to accomplish this in a number of ways. HR can choose to hire new employees or alternatively arrange further training to the current staff.

They will realise that, if they train the existing employees, it won’t have a negative impact like their being understaffed. The questions they might ask themselves are:

  • What jobs need to be filled?
  • What skills will the employees need? and
  • How many people are required to meet the strategic goals of the company?

With that information, they will then take the relevant decisions that will benefit the greater good of the company. A strategic plan will help the company run like a well-oiled machine because when a need is identified, it is quickly addressed before it becomes a problem.

Analyse gaps

Analysing the gaps in a strategic HR plan is determining where the company is right now and where it wants to be in the future. Afterward, identify the HR gaps that are hindering your company from reaching those goals, it may be skills or being understaffed.

Also, determine how many employees and skills and abilities you will need in the future and then compare them with the current human resources you have.

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HR management practices should also be analysed to identify where they could be improved to support the company’s growth. Determine if the current employees you have can meet these goals in terms of skills and abilities. Ensure that all employees are used to the best of their capacity and utilise their strengths.
Find out if there are enough people that are assuming managerial positions to support the growth. With that data, decide if you need more employees or need to arrange further training for the personnel you have.

Developing the HR strategy to support the company’s goals

The company’s goals may not always be positive but, due to financial problems or other issues, you may need to restructure the entire workforce. That may include retrenching, reorganising the workforce or coming up with new methods of doing tasks with the help of outsourcing.

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On the brighter side, if there is positive growth in the company, you can train employees and give them career development opportunities. Alternatively, the strategic plan might include recruiting new employees with the necessary skills and abilities needed to promote the growth of the company.

If there are short projects that you can’t recruit a new employee for, you can choose to outsource that responsibility. The strategic plan should then be documented and included in the HR plan and then implemented.

The bottom line

A strategic HR plan is very important to support the goals of the business. Because of that, it should be developed in parallel with the objectives of the company. Depending on the goals, you may decide to expand your workforce by adding new employees or outsourcing some skills.

However, the strategic plan should be done with future possibilities considered and with the greater good of the company taking priority. Sometimes, it may only be feasible to train the existing employees and provide them with career growth opportunities within the company. That will help the workforce become skilled and engaged in working for you.

Susan Saurel lives in Houston, Texas and is a full-time digital marketer in best essay writing service reddit and and essay writing service.

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